Foundations of Science Literacy

A comprehensive approach to science teaching and learning for educators and families of children ages three to eight.

FSL's Guiding Principles

  • All 3 to 5-year old children are capable of engaging in rich, in-depth science inquiry
  • Authentic inquiry occurs in the service of learning interesting and meaningful content that connect to “big ideas” in the domains of life, earth, and physical science.
  • Reflection on experiences and observations is critical to children’s meaning-making in science
  • Teachers play a critical role in supporting and guiding children’s science inquiry and learning within a conceptual context
girls building a tower


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FSL in Action

FSL builds on over 10 years of previous research and development in preschool science education and professional development. Our goal is to support teachers’ abilities to create a classroom culture of inquiry and to engage their young students in authentic “minds-on” science explorations.

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