About FSL

FSL builds on over 10 years of previous research and development in preschool science education and professional development, beginning with a four-year grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 1999, when interest in preschool science was in its infancy. With this grant EDC developed and field-tested a set of curriculum guides for preschool teachers and teacher trainers, published in 2004 as the Young Scientist Series (YSS) by Redleaf Press.

Need for an Intensive and Systematic Approach

Although YSS made a considerable contribution to the field, a third-party evaluation of teachers’ use of the guides highlighted the need for an intensive and systematic approach to early childhood science PD that would provide the background understanding teachers needed to use the guides effectively.

Since 2005, further work has been done on

the development and study of a PD program in physical science for preschool teachers under two IES grants.

Under these Goal 2 and 3 grants, we developed and are currently testing Foundations of Science Literacy (FSL), an intensive PD program in physical science for preschool teachers that focuses on water.

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